Opteka X-Grip Camera Handle Review

An average person will always have a hard time in recording stable and noise-free video footage with the use of DSLR, especially if you are required to move the camera from one place to another place chances of getting shaky videos are highest. It requires a lot of patience and practice for the photographer to shoot shake-free video footages.

We all have seen the camera tracks and cranes in “behind the scene” footages of movie sets, they were first used to get the stable camera moment but that was an affordable option for the professional movie makers only. Stabilizers changed the whole scenario of affordable movie making; now you are able to shoot from different angles and at different speed without getting jerky video footages.

Although there have been many options available these days in the field of camera stabilizations and many Gimbal companies are working day and night to provide you shake-free recording experience with the help of their 3-axis or 2-axis camera stabilizers but they all were quite costly.

Opteka X-Grip – Cost Effective Stabilization

Let’s discuss one of the most cost-effective stabilizers available in market Opteka X-Grip,  some people consider it a stabilizer and some consider it just a handheld handle, but the truth is it’s the most cost-effective and versatile solution you can have to produce quality stable videos. What this handle does is to attach any camera with several different orientations, thanks to the movable screw and slotted base. It contains a foam handle that makes the experience comfortable and efficient. It also consists of inbuilt feet, so you can put the stabilizer on to the ground without getting worried about scratches on your expensive recording device.


Why buy an Opteka x-grip

  • Cost effective: one of the biggest benefits any product can possess is whether it is worth spending your money. X Grip camera handle is so cost-effective that you can buy it as an additional accessory to your video recording kit and it won’t possess any extra burden on your pocket.
  • Versatile: you can use it to stabilize video while filming with your DSLR, smartphone or your action camera. It is built to fit your all requirements and it fits all devices quite easily. Additionally, you also get the functionality to mount the professional recording device or the flashlight on the top of your stabilizer.
  • Low-level video recording: Low-level video recording has always been quite difficult to record without any external holding device; you can’t just hold the camera at a low level and move but opteka x-grip professional camera / camcorder action stabilizing handle made this possible for you.  With the handle provided on the top position makes it easy for the photographer to hold the device properly and shoot.
  • The low-level recording is much needed by people who are interested in recording sports like skiing, skateboards, Ice skating, etc.
  • Better grip: whether you are shooting with a camcorder, DSLR or action camera, we are always concerned about having a better grip on our device to save it from any accidental damage. Nice firm hold makes you feel more confident while holding the recording device. An additional benefit of Opteka X-Grip is it lets you hold the recording device with a single hand and you can use the other hand to hold any extra equipment.
  • Durable: There is nothing that can happen to this device, X-Grip is built with a superior grade of plastic and its weatherproof (since it does not contain any electronic component). You can carry it any time to help you record those memorable moments.