Corsair k70 RGBRapidfire Review


Corsair k70 RGB RAPIDFIRE is an incredible keyboard for serious gamers.

RAPIDFIRE was introduced with the tagline of “fastest mechanical keyboard ever” all due to the integration of cherry MX speed switches in it. K70 RAPIDFIRE became extremely popular within the gaming community because of the Cherry MX speed switches with ultra-fast 1.2mm actuation and light 45g force.

If you are someone who is unaware of the keyboard switches and wondering what makes these special keyboards cost so much than a conventional membrane keyboard then you need to understand the basics of the mechanical keyboards before you prepare yourself to buy one for yourself. Go through our other article that covered all the details about the different type of switches and what makes them unique.

Corsair k70 RGB RAPIDFIRE – Design

Aside from the new switches, nothing much has changed in the Corsair K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE from its previous versions, the keyboard looks exactly the same with an aluminum frame that is built with high-quality aircraft grade aluminum to last longer.

Media controls can be found on the top right corner with the volume control roller and the windows lock for the better gaming experience. The keyboard comes with the wrist-rest which makes the keyboard quite comfortable to use. Another difference you can see is the wider fonts used in the RAPIDFIRE version of the keyboard which let keys to get some more light through keycaps, extra broad keycaps are textured to have better grip and it made them look better as well.

Corsair k70 RGB RAPIDFIRE – Performance

If you love linear switches then you will definitely love the Corsair K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE, Cherry MX speed switches will change the way you performed before, it is a light linear switch that requires only 45gram of force to actuate. Another variable that makes the keyboard perform at lightning speed is the reduction in distance to reach the actuation point; instead of traveling 2 millimeters to reach the actuation point these Cherry MX speed switches require only 1.2 millimeters.

Many people think it’s the best keyboard for the gaming purpose but in my opinion, it’s the best keyboard for typing as well, you will be required to gently press the keys to register your action. Because of the lower distance of 1.2 millimeters, it takes lot lesser time for the key to re-bounce to the original position.


Corsair has developed its own CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) to handle the functionalities of all the peripherals through centralized command system. This CUE gives you the ability to program the keyboard according to your requirements and setup macros, strings of text, etc. Lightning effects within the CUE are seamless and will give you the ability to choose from the built-in effects or choose to creatively create your own effects; you have got 16.7 million colors to play with.

If you are someone who doesn’t care about the rainbow effects, still I would suggest you go for the RGB version of this keyboard. Buying an RGB backlight gives you the ability to choose any color from 16.7 million color range. It will give you the flexibility to set the color according to your mood and ambiance.

Is It Worth Your Investment?

We have gone through each and everything that you should know before making a purchase. But it’s important to answer few questions before you make a clear decision for the purchase of this keyboard.

Why Corsair?

Corsair has established themselves as a market leader in the keyboard industry through constant high performance and the reliability of products. You might find some mechanical keyboards at the much cheaper price but you will definitely not get the quality Corsair is providing.

Should you go for RGB or single color backlight?

A mechanical keyboard is a long term investment and they are built to last long, possessing the ability to customize the color combinations of back lights will protect you from being bored of same color settings. Investment of additional $20USD will give you the ability to change the color combination of timely basis.

Is it worth investing?

I understand that Corsair K70 Rapidfire of one of the most expensive keyboard available in the market but it comes with guaranteed high performance as well. Worth of anything can be figured out through one question, how long will it last? Cherry switches have a durability of 50 Million key strokes that is totally insane and you can forget about investing in any keyboard for next 10 years. With the promise of 10 years of high performance of this keyboard, this is definitely a great buy for me.

Once you got yourself into the world of these high performing mechanical keyboards you are never going to use those membrane keyboards again, the sound of the keys will seem like music to ears, your typing performance is going experience considerable improvement and this keyboard will surely make you fall in love with the elegance and stability.

How To Clean Corsair K70 Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards costs quite allot in comparison to conventional membrane keyboard and they are built to last longer as well which makes it necessary to clean them on timely basis, lets go through the step by step process to clean your Corsair K70 Keyboard.

  • First thing that you require to do is to have a clear picture of your keyboard to avoid any confusion while putting the keys back on keyboard.
  • Now remove all the keycaps with the keycap puller.
  • Now you can either use toothbrush to clear the dust from keyboard.
  • You can use cotton swabs (ear buds) to apply the cleansing solution into the narrow gaps of keys.
  • Clean the keyboard area properly with the help of cotton wipes or scrubs. You can use toothbrush again to remove those tough dirt stains that occurred because of the mixture of your sweat and dust.
  • Place the keycaps again on the switches.
  • Your keyboard is ready to use again.

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