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#2 (The Academy Scarab Beetle Series) - The Scarab Beetle Series
#2 (The Academy Scarab Beetle Series) - The Scarab Beetle Series Reviews

Review: Just as good if not better then the first. I only have one complaint..... Blake! I wish Kay was so stupid when it comes to him. I hate that they still have a relationship of sorts so hopefully in fake they won't!! Read more

A Novel (Random House Reader's Circle) - Every Last One
A Novel (Random House Reader's Circle) - Every Last One Reviews

Review: I read Anna Quindlen's Every Last One with a little bit of hesitation -- I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book since I was one of the few people who wasn't the biggest fan for Quindlen's very popular book, Rise and Shine. I know, I know. I was one of "them."

Last weekend, I was on another flight coming back from Boston and I had just finished Raven Stole the Moon. I closed that book on the flight and thank goodness, I had Every Last One in my carry-on bag. Most of you all know th... Read more

One Last Time
One Last Time Reviews

Review: I’ve read all her books. Each book gets more vulgar and more curse words. The only reason I finished it is because I paid for it. Read more

One Last Dance
One Last Dance Reviews

Review: The author wrote too many side stories. Some had nothing to do with the plot. I got bored, and actually skipped paragraphs, and sometimes a page or two to get back to the original story. A long book, but I finished it. Read more

How Should a Person Be?: A Novel from Life
How Should a Person Be?: A Novel from Life Reviews

Review: I know she's hot and all that, but she is also so self absorbed it's hard to stay on the page with her. Read more

A Gate at the Stairs
A Gate at the Stairs Reviews

Review: I confess with not a little pride that I was a Lorrie Moore 'early adopter', having bought her first collection of stories way back when. I liked them so much I went on to buy her second collection too.

Now we have a novel and I'm perplexed. This is heavy-going. Instead of a brisk, energising shower it's like the author has now decided to stretch out in a long hot bath and one, moreover, that stays hot indefinitely so there's no incentive to ever get out.

Of course (and as always) ... Read more

I Liked My Life: A Novel
I Liked My Life: A Novel Reviews

Review: Maddy is a ghost looking for a replacement for herself. She committed suicide and left behind a seventeen year old daughter, Eve and husband, Brady. She is able to read the minds of those she is watching and her spirit can direct their actions. Her goal is to find someone to love and take care her family. The story is narrated by each character.

Brady and Eve are left sorting out their lives and their relationship with each other while grieving. No note was left behind and they have no a... Read more

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Persephone Classics)
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Persephone Classics) Reviews

Review: What a delightful read this was! A friend gave it to me, and despite the fact that I usually seek out Persephone Classics, I was skipping this one..maybe the movie trailer I saw in the theater once turned me off, or maybe I just didn't understand what it was about. And on that score I'm not sure I'm going to be able to explain it very well! Miss Pettigrew, a governess and not a very good one, is in deep financial straights and is mistakenly sent to seek employment to a young lady named Delysia.... Read more

YIELD - Emily & Damon (Fettered Book 1)
YIELD - Emily & Damon (Fettered Book 1) Reviews

Review: I started this book on my lunch break and finish before bedtime, it was one I couldn’t put down and had to know what happened next. Emily and Damon’s story was pretty much every other story about Dom/sub but this one was gripping and letting you in on their whole story following Every movement, every desire, every hurdle for both of them completed. Can’t wait to read the next one Read more

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