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(Discworld Novel 22) (Discworld series) - The Last Continent
(Discworld Novel 22) (Discworld series) - The Last Continent Reviews

Review: I was happy to see the wizards back in action in this always entertaining Discworld series. I have always thought the wizards (along with the witches) are among the funniest characters. Pratchett has crafted an interesting story set in the land-down-under, a story about gods and creation and the blending of past and present, as Rincewind tries to save the continent from a massive drought. As usual, Rincewind falls into things (literally and figuratively), but despite the familiar Rincewind an... Read more

Hogfather: (Discworld Novel 20) (Discworld series)
Hogfather: (Discworld Novel 20) (Discworld series) Reviews

Review: I have now read four Diskworld books and I'm still waiting to see what it is the people love so much about this series. Each book is cute enough, but Mort and also Equal Rites seems almost more like children's books to me (the first two I actually enjoyed more). I know people like to compare Pratchett to Douglas Adams, but really, rather than being a fantasy world Adams, he seems more like an English Piers Anthony. Blasphemy to some, I know, though Anthony has his moments. Read more

(Discworld Novel 10) (Discworld series) - Moving Pictures
(Discworld Novel 10) (Discworld series) - Moving Pictures Reviews

Review: Charming and enjoyable, like all of this series. Read more

(Discworld Novel 17) (Discworld series) - Interesting Times
(Discworld Novel 17) (Discworld series) - Interesting Times Reviews

Review: The Discworld grows on you. After reading a dozen or so of Pratchett's marvelous stories about Life, the Universe, and Everything (so to speak), you've gotten to understand Unseen University, and the Librarian, and why you can walk across the Ankh River, and the Patrician's point of view (Sergeant Colon's as well), and the necessity of Death, and why the Mended Drum never closes. More than that, events in the author's world tell you a great deal about our own. This time around, it's the importan... Read more

(Discworld Novel 30) (Discworld series) - The Wee Free Men
(Discworld Novel 30) (Discworld series) - The Wee Free Men Reviews

Review: Wonderfully rich writing, so hilarious, and wonderful insights. Read more

(Discworld Novel 35) (Discworld series)
(Discworld Novel 35) (Discworld series) Reviews

Review: How to write about a Pratchett book without it degenerating into incoherent fangirly squeeing? I'll try, but I'm not making any promises.

This is the 3rd Tiffany Aching book, which is a subset of the Discworld series. Tiffany is a young witch-in-training.

In Wintersmith, Tiffany turns 13, which is a difficult enough time in any girl's life. But Tiffany's not just any girl, so things are exponentially more difficult. Her biggest problem starts when she (unintentionally, to be sure) ... Read more

(Discworld Novel 24) (Discworld series) - The Fifth Elephant
(Discworld Novel 24) (Discworld series) - The Fifth Elephant Reviews

Review: Vintage Pratchett, involving all the characters you know so well, centering on Sam Vimes. If you like Pratchett, you'll like this. Read more

Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One
Dreadnought: Nemesis - Book One Reviews

Review: Dreadnought, New Port City's most powerful superhero, has been mortally wounded during an unexpected battle with another metahuman. He lands near Daniel Tozer, a fifteen year old high school student, in a secluded area in back of the mall. Despite the danger, Danny attempts to help by dragging him to safety. The dying superhero urges Danny to flee but the teen refuses. As Dreadnought feels his life force extinguishing, he bestows his powers on Danny. The results are unexpected. Dreadnought's pow... Read more

The Vampire Gift 7: Prophecies of Light
The Vampire Gift 7: Prophecies of Light Reviews

Review: The whole series has kept me enthralled
Can't wait for next of the series.
Hope to read more of E. M. Knight's works. Read more

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