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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This is the most fun of had reading a book in a long time! Know what else? It actually kept me entertained and engaged through the whole thing. GASP! This just hasn't happened with my reading lately. Books kept losing my attention so I'm thrilled that I finally found one that kept me interested. This was side-splittingly funny and surprisingly sweet. I think if anyone was slightly disappointed with the serious turn that Twisted took, they'd be much happier with this book.

At first, I wondered if we really needed Matthew and Dee's story. We already knew where they ended up so why were we going backwards? I thought perhaps this series was getting unnecessarily drawn out. Nope. I was completely wrong. This was just what I needed and I didn't even know it. I lost track of how many times I laughed uncontrollably. My husband kept looking at me strangely (that isn't something new) because I just couldn't pull myself together several times. I don't know how Emma Chase comes up with this stuff! She's seriously clever and witty.

Matthew was a little like Drew at first and I know I had a few friends who were turned off by Drew's douche-baggery. They thought he was a little too much for them. I think they'd like this book even better. Matthew is definitely a man, and his POV is still hilarious, but he's also not Drew. He's sweet and insightful and I like where this story went. It's not going to change your life. This isn't a sweeping, epic romance, but it will make you laugh out loud and read with a goofy grin on your face and sometimes that's what you need from fiction. It was a really sexy, fun story that I whipped through in no time. If you don't mind your humour a little raunchy (It's not over-the-top), I think you'll love this.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
sophia welsh
Tamed is the third book in the Tangled series, and it’s all about Matthew Fisher (Drew’s best friend) and Delores “Dee” Warren, (Kate’s best friend).

"Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus, it rhymes with clitoris...and I really know my way around them. Big fan."

Matthew might be a bachelor but he’s definitely wanting to settle down and have a family. As soon as he meets Dee, he starts to think maybe she’s the one to do that with.
Dee doesn’t have that same game plan in mind. She’s independent, funny, and so over the top. All she’s looking for is some casual sex.
Douchebag after douchebag, Dee has been dealt horrible relationship cards, and she’s not interested in getting another.
Dee swears to Matthew that she’s bad news, but he’s willing to risk it. He knows in his heart that this crazy girl before him is worth it all.
I have never seen a more patient man in my life. Dee is relentless in keeping Matthew away from her, but he’s just as persistent in finding a place in her world.
“Delores likes to be chased—I get it. But, at some point, she needs to stop running and let me catch her.”

Overall, this was a cute story, but nothing really memorable happened for me. Good writing, but I wasn’t wowed. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the story more if you’ve read the first two books though.

If you haven’t read Tangled or Twisted (like me!) it’s A okay! This is a stand-alone so you’ll still be able to understand the story. Don’t worry, you won’t feel lost at all.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
c c mackenzie
Did you have any doubt that this book would be anything less than 5 Stars? Tamed is the third book in the Tangled Series and it is just as funny and exciting as the first 3. In this book we get to see the beginning of Mathew and Dee's relationship taking us to just about the beginning of Holy Frigging Matrimony. I laughed my but off! So be warmed ladies, you will be bent over with a stich in your side and then just as quickly you will be fanning yourself cuz they are just that freaking hot.
Mathew and Dee light up the page of this book with fireworks and comedy exactly what you would expect from Emma Chase. I loved the way that he totally accepts Dee's crazy from the get go, even after getting an Icee dumped on him.
I enjoy Emma's style of writing it is as if Mathew was actually sitting with me telling me his story. Nothing better than having a man retell his romance it gives you the not so flowery version that we woman tend to tell.
This book is funny, Sexy and Hot and oh yeah we get more of Drew and Kate... Perfection!
Making this a 5 star read for me!
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Emma Chase burst onto the scene with Tangled in mid 2013. Just shortly thereafter the book was picked up by a traditional publisher and since then we've gotten two more amazing books including this one and a novella, with more to come soon. I absolutely love her writing! She has this knack of writing amazing character driven books. I am partial to her male point of view books, although each has been true to the narrator's personality.

Tamed is Matthew and Dee's story. (Don't call her Delores, she doesn't like it.) It's told from Matthew's point of view and takes place in the same time frame as Tangled, which means we get to see Drew and Kate too (Yay!). I LOVED being in Matthew's head. He's honest and hilarious. Plus it doesn't hurt he's ripped, can dance, cook, and knows his way around a clitoris. He's also a genuinely good man whore. I also learned Dee isn't crazy like Drew thinks she is. Dee is brilliant and confident except when it comes to men. Oh and she's loyal to those she loves. Honestly, I'd love to get into Dee's head. I want to hear more about her from herself. I think she'd be hilarious and a hoot! I mean she's a chemist who is mistaken for a stripper.

I read Tamed in an hour and a half. It's just that good. For anyone who absolutely loved Tangled, you will love Tamed too. You won't want to miss out on the Mackenzie parts. She had me in stitches. Once again Emma Chase has hit a home run with this book. I can't wait for her next one. Is it October yet?
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
indransh gupta
My Dearest Drew,
I realize that this isn't your book but I'm writing this review letter to you because I feel like you need to know that Matthew has given you a serious run for your money. In fact, unless you have some thing hidden up your sleeve, I think that Matthew may have just swooped in and stolen my affection straight away from you.
I mean, good god, the man is hot, he's smart, he's driven and he's freakin hilarious! Yes, I realize that you are all of these things and more but you also tend to be bit of a jerk. Matthew does not.
Also, it seems you have a bit of a problem by not being in Dee Dee's good graces. I'm pretty sure that you know that her bad side is not where you want to be. She's a firecracker and we all know that her kind of "different" isn't necessarily a safe kind of different. You might need to get that worked out pretty soon.
Matthew and Delores together could certainly be your downfall. They're spunky and fun, laid-back yet refined, sweet and sarcastic, but mostly they're freaking hilarious, and that my friend makes for a lethal combination.
I think that I could read about the two of them for days and still not get enough.
Let's see what you bring to the show in Tied. I'm thinking that you better bring your A game!
Tangled, Twisted and Possibly Tamed by Matthew,

*I received an ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
rodeo el sabae
5 out of 5 colorful stars

Tamed is a book I wish I can read it all in one setting. Within the first couple of pages, I was hooked, sold, captivated. I had the hardest time putting this book down! (Shh, I may have read it during work. Shhhh!!!) It was a fantastic read. This might be my favorite yet. And I might just love Matthew a little bit more than Drew.

"Everyone likes me. I'm a great f*ing guy."

Matthew, in a few words - playful, sweet, adorable, romantic, patient, funny and thoughtful. I adore him! For me, he has the key elements to making a relationship work. Yes, he didn't have the best track record with women in the past but he's had his share of heartache so he understands how to nurture a relationship.

"To really love another person, you have to know them - their quirks, their dreams, what pisses them off and makes them smile, their strengths, weaknesses, and flaws."

Delores aka Dee, she's a feisty one. She's fierce, unpredictable and is pretty fabulous but deep down, she's got insecurities. Having not had a decent relationship in the past, she's quick to put up road blocks on any potential relationships. With that being said, I quite like her. I like that she keeps it real. She doesn't sugar coat anything and she call it what it is.

"She's the love-'em-and-leave-'em-with-bruises type of girl. If you're looking for a good time for a night or two, then definitely call her. If you're looking for anything deeper than that, I'd stay away."

I enjoy the witty banter between Matthew and Dee. It was pretty entertaining. They had me laughing out loud more times than I have fingers and toes. I love how much Matthew adores Dee and how patient he is with her, especially when her insecurities got the best of her. I also love that when the going gets tough, Dee was able to pull her head out of her ass and take a chance at what is called love.

"The thought of having feelings for you - real "forever" kinds of feelings - scares the s*** out of me."

Speaking of feelings, I love seeing the shared affection and relationship between Little Mackenzie and her Uncle Matthew. She is as cute as ever and has the best lines! I think between him and Drew, they feed her the best vocabularies!

"I've been waiting for dat! I'm sooo horny!"

On a different note, it was nice to see that Tamed parallels with Tangled because for me, there were moments I felt like I got the-behind-the-scenes; especially to the falling out of Kate and Billy's relationship as well as while Drew supposedly got the flu. And while he got the flu, I love seeing Matthew just being there for Drew. I think some guys may envy the special bromance they have going on.

To sum it up - I love this book! I seriously love it as much as a fat girl loves chocolate. Yes, you heard that right! This is the perfect summer read. It was entertaining, romantic and full of laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend this to everyone. And if you're considering reading this book then I say you should just read this series. Trust me, it's worth your time. It's just that good!

So I leave you with this tidbit from Matthew:

"Life is short, wild ride. Don't try to put the brakes on, don't overanalyze or try to control it. If you're lucky, like I was, you'll find that perfect someone who'll sit next to you and hold your hand through every curve, every up and down. And that? Just makes it even more fun."
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
carlos aranaga
If you have read Tangled and Twisted, you already know what happens with Matthew and Dee, and if you are like me, you are a bit sceptical if you are going to enjoy the story as much when you know the outcome.

With that being said,you don't need to have read Tangled and Twisted to enjoy Tamed - but who would want to deny themselves the pleasure of Drew Evans?!?!

With Tamed, this wasn't an issue for me. As Matthew and Dee's story ran parallel to Tangled and as a veeery minor side story, we knew that they got together, but none of the hows and whys of the matter. And I for one am glad that we got their own story in full.

Matthew at the beginning is very much like Drew. I couldn't help but laugh the from the minute I started reading. OMG these boys and their manwhore ways!

I loved being taken along for the ride as these boys fall to their knees for their women, watching along as they fight for the women who want nothing to do with them.

Dee's standoff-ishness annoyed me at times. I mean really, how many times can the man tell him how he feels before he gives up. I could understand she was protecting herself, but gees Louise!

Emma Chase has a way of writing these men that you can't help but laugh, shake your head, roll your eyes at their antics.

Now, bring on Tied, I need more.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I have read the entire series and Tamed might be close to taking over Tangled as my favorite. Emma is so great at the male POV! Matthew is funny like Drew, but he's sweeter, nicer and there's just something about him that gets to me. In a good way, of course! I've loved him throughout the series and I was so excited to hear he was getting his own book. The great thing about this is we know how it ends, but we didn't get to see the journey and as the saying goes, 'it's the journey not the destination' couldn’t be more true for Tamed. Matthew is a player, but he's not a bad guy. He loyal and he's effing hilarious! He is drawn to Dee Dee from the first time he sees her. She's bright, colorful, sassy and hot. Dee like Matthew but she's been very hurt in the past and she has a hard time forgetting that Matthew is not like the men in her past. She has to work through her own demons and fight for the love of her lift. The fight is the hardest part. Matthew has to learn to sit back and let her come to him, even though it's killing him. He's a very patient man...Tamed runs parallel to Tangled so we get to see Drew and Kate and how they came together from Dee Dee and Matthew's point of view. I loved seeing Matthew sitting outside Drew's door talking to him. Loved it!

She's gorgeous - shockingly stunning. Put her in a black-and-white photo and she could easily be in a Calvin Klein campaign. Her business card isn't Charlie's Golden Ticket - it's the lottery kind - and I just hit the jackpot.

"You look like a Chippendales dancer."

Fabulous answer. I don’t really need to explain to you why, do I?

In a low, seductive voice I say, "I do have some great moves."

"Delores! He Dee - you awake?"

With no other recourse, I throw my head back and go for my best Marlon Brando impression. "Stella!! Steeelllllaaaaa!!!!"

"Organic turkey bacon. It's like crack. One taste, and you'll never do pork again."

"It's just so f sad!" I blurt out as I gesture to the television. "How can you watch this s and not want to blow your head off with a 12-gage shotgun?"

"Rocky Three. I cried during Rocky Three, but that doesn't count. Anyone who doesn't get choked up when Mickey does has no soul"

Lust is easy. Clear. Exhilarating.

Love is messy. Confusing. Sometimes scary.

Love is powerful. Primal. Driving.

Love is dubious. Transitory. It can f with your head.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
kimberly lyn
Tamed by Emma Chase is the third novel in her Tangled Series and tackles the male POV through Matthew Fisher’s eyes. Once again Emma Chase delivers a fantastic read full of humor, characters you’ll fall in love with, and a story that will captivate you from start to finish.

I love Matthew Fisher. He’s witty, charming, and doesn’t quit when facing a challenge. Since meeting Delores, he has been ensnared by her quirky and laid back attitude. She is an enigma amongst the hoard of bimbos Matthew typically hooks up with. Dee presents him with a challenge, and he’s willing to work to win her over.

I love that this story portrayed the heroine as playing hard to get and it was the hero who had to do the chasing. The chemistry between Delores and Matthew is playful which balances beautifully against the drama and obstacles that surface between this duo. I was worried that Matthew wouldn’t live up to the epic-ness of Drew Evans, but I was hooked on Matthew’s story from the first page. Emma Chase has nailed it once again and Tamed is every bit as satisfying as the other books in the Tangled Series.

If you’re looking for a story that has just enough drama and will make you laugh from beginning to end, pick up Tamed by Emma Chase and fall in love with Matt and Dee Dee.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Leaning close to her, I ask, “If not a banker, what do I look like?” She smiles slowly and scrapes the olives off the toothpick with her teeth. “You look like a Chippendales dancer.” Fabulous answer. I don’t really need to explain to you why, do I? In a low, seductive voice I say, “I do have some great moves. If banking doesn’t work out, Chippendales is Plan B.”

So as you can see this book is fun too. Not hilarious as Tangled was, but still pretty good. This book is really great love story.
As we all know, Matthew and Dee get together and eventually marry and so it’s not big spoiler cause Kate tells us in Twisted.
It was interesting reading what happened with two of them while Drew was 'fighting' with Kate on work. Dee was fun as always but I expected little more of juicy comments from her. I love her character! She was just a girl who was afraid to fall in love... Oh and Matthew..!

“Love is missing the taste of someone's morning breath. Thinking they're beautiful, even when their nose is Rudolph-red and their hair is bird's nest crazy. Love isn't putting up with someone in spite of their faults--it's adoring them because of them.”

We all fell in love with Drew and his crazy character. We all love bad boys, but Matthew is something else. Though he is womanizer before his relationship with Dee, he is a good guy. And I adore him! He’s just my type of guy; caring and loving and fun and romantic when needed. Yup. I’m in love :) He’s the type you wanna marry. Drew’s the type you full around some time.

“. . . communicate their desires. My book club is discussing a novel this month on this very subject. Fifty Shades of Grey. Would you like to borrow my copy, Matthew?” I take a long drink of water. “No, I’m already familiar with it, thanks.” The fact that my dear, sweet mother is familiar with it, however, will definitely be giving me nightmares.”

This book is typical happily ever after romance and I enjoyed every word in it. It’s five stars review and going on my favorite shelf.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
heba albeity
Devilish delight…

Tamed is a perfect summer escapism. Funny‚ sassy‚ flirty‚ witty. And you just want more and more. This book took me by the hand and pulled me completely in‚ and I loved every second of it.

Emma Chase is a powerhouse when it comes to male POVs. Her writing is extremely flawless and exceptional and very addictive. Each of her books is defined by one more chapter syndrome.

In Tamed‚ we have the story of Drew and Kate best friends‚ Matthew Fisher and Delores Warren.

Matthew is one of a kind player. He is a clever investment banker‚ knows what he wants‚ and he is very much like his BF. But the difference between Drew and him is that he looks more mature and wants to find the right one and have a family with her.

Dee Dee is a strong‚ educated‚ a bit of crazy‚ handful woman‚ with insecurities from the past. Like Matthew‚ she loves no-commitment one night stands.

I love the instant attraction these two had‚ how they were flirty and provocative‚ entertaining‚ and at the same how Emma gave their story that touch of depth that it needed.

Pure joy… I just couldn't get enough of. Man‚ oh man‚ this book was a delicious pleasure.

≧◔◡◔≦ 5 ✰ read ≧◉◡◉≦
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
melissa mcallister
OMG!! I just completed this series on audible and absolutely loved it!! Each story was sexy, laugh out loud funny, erotic, and very entertaining. I always love listening to the narrators Sebatian York, Deacon Lee, and Charlotte Penifield, but all three were extra exceptional in this series. I can't imagine any other narrators doing a better job. I thought I loved Emma Chase's Legal Briefs series, but this one beat it. I sure hope she writes more so we can have the story of Billy & Lilly (the stripper), Jack and Erin (one night hook-up, or continued friends with benefits to forever after story), and I would love to read the back story (or continued story) of Steven and Alexandra. I really love the series of Kristen Proby, Kendall Ryan, Lisa Rene Jones and Lauren Blakely, and didn't think I would love another author as much, but Emma Chase has joined their ranks of my favorite authors. I can't wait for her next release to read or hear on audible.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
karen bungar
Tamed is book three in the Tangled series by Emma Chase. Did I love this book…Yes, I did. Maybe not quite as much as Drew and Kate’s story, but still, it was sexy and funny with plenty of sweet moments as well. Dee and Matthew’s story runs parallel to when Drew and Kate have just met, when Kate is still engaged to Billy. So I also enjoyed getting little glimpses into what was going on with them as well. And even though we already know how this story ends up, as Matthew would say:

“The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.”

Matthew Fisher has been friends with Drew all his life. Drew’s sister, Alexandra, is like his own big sister. He has a good life, a great job, great parents, but has not been so lucky in love. He thought he was in love once before, and that ended badly with him getting hurt. Does he still believe in love, yes. But he’s not looking for “the one.” He’s having too much fun playing the single’s scene. And then he met Delores Sunshine Warren, Dee Dee.

“Have you ever had a moment when you think to yourself, this is going to change everything? From this point on, there will be a before, an after, and this event will forever divide the two? Looking back now-this was it. That first, scorching, perfect kiss. This was the moment that would determine the rest of my life. And nothing after it would ever be the same.”

Dee Dee Warren doesn’t “do” relationships. She just isn’t good at them. They never end well. And as you get to know her, you begin to understand why she is the way she is. Why she finds it so hard to trust someone. But Matt will not give up. He works his way into her life no matter how hard she tries to keep him out. But she is still convinced that this won’t last.

The entire book is told from Matt’s point of view, and it is hilarious but at the same time, so sweet. When he finds his “one” he falls hard. But as usual, nothing ever goes according to plan. I think my favorite part of the book is when he was having dinner at his parent’s house and his older, sweet, perfect mother attempts to have a discussion with him on his sex life based on the current book she is reading in her book club, Fifty Shades of Grey.

“My book club is discussing a novel this month on this very subject, Fifty Shades of Grey. Would you like to borrow my copy, Matthew?”

I was on the treadmill when I read this and almost fell off. I have loved this entire series and this book was no exception. With that being said, though, I am especially excited for book four to come out next October to see what trouble Drew gets himself into next. Thank you to Emma Chase for another great installment to this series.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
zainub verjee
As a fan of the Tangled series, I was pretty darn getting to read Tamed. If you've read the series, you know that Matthew and Dee definitely get their happy ending. So why would I want to read a book when I already know the end? Because this is Matthew and Dee, okay! These two are crazy sexy, crazy funny and fall crazy in love. The beauty of Tamed isn't the destination, it's the journey.

I adored Tamed for a few reasons. Obviously the characters were a big bonus. Women don't come much more hilarious, ballsy, and smart than Dee. Matthew is great too, though he and Drew have pretty much cornered the market on cocky. We get more of Mackenzie, Steven and The Bitch. Tamed runs parallel to Tangled, so we do see glimpses of Drew and Kate's tumultuous early days, through Matthew's eyes.

I also have to note that I still appreciate Emma Chase's style. As with the other books in the series, the fourth wall is down, with Matthew speaking directly to the reader. The humor that I've loved in the previous books is still in full-swing. I started Tamed on a plane at 1:00am (a nightmare!) and probably drew dirty looks from sleeping passengers because I was laughing so, so hard.

If I had any issues with Tamed, I would have to say they're minor. The lack of suspense in Matthew and Dee's relationship probably took the pure joy down a notch, but I knew that going on. I also knew that Matthew would probably be every bit as cocky as Drew (he was), which did have me thinking "I get it! You're funny and awesome and handsome and a wicked good lover." These are minor issues on my part, and I still wouldn't hesitate one second in recommending Tamed.

Tamed was a quick and easy read that had me laughing, loving the sexy, and honestly touched by the connection between Matthew and Dee. Fans of Tamed will definitely want to scoop this one up!

Favorite Quotes

"That's my favorite."
I look at the screen. "That's the periodic table."
She shrugs. "To me, it's a masterpiece. Harmonious. Perfectly organized. Dependable."
"Aren't some of the elements unstable?"
She smiles. "Sure, but the table tells you which ones they are. No surprises. No disappointments."
And this right here is the perfect example of who Delores is. Safety-goggle-wearing chemist by day, glitter-covered club girl by night. She wants excitement, spontaneity, but a part of her-the part that's been dicked around by one too many pricks in the past-craves reliability. Honesty. Truth.
I want to give her both. I want to be her roller coaster and her merry-go-round, her adventurer and her protector. Her impressionist and her periodic table.

Life is a short, wild ride. Don't try to put the brakes on, don't overanalyze or try to control it. If you're lucky, like I was, you'll find that perfect someone who'll sit next to you and hold your hand through every curve, every up and down.
And that? Just makes it even more fun.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Love isn't putting up with someone in spite of their faults ~ it's adoring them because of them." Matthew Fisher, Tamed

I've been an Emma Chase fan for some time. I laughed through Tangled, shed tears over Twisted, giggled uncontrollably at Holy Frigging Matrimony ~ and did all the above again while reading Tamed. I think it's Emma's best novel yet, for all of those reasons ~ but even more because it seamlessly blends the best elements of each of her earlier books into one flawless, perfectly delightful summer treat. Tamed draws in the unforgettable story line, the irony, and all the humor of Tangled; foreshadows the angst in Twisted; yet stands alone as a charming, erotic, comedic love story all its own, featuring two unforgettable characters: the smitten, dedicated, determined playboy-turned-hero Matthew, and the troubled, fearful, snarky, but utterly adorable Delores (Dee) Warren.

I rarely read any of my collection of romance novels aloud to my husband, for obvious reasons. I might tease him with a few kinky references from time to time, or even share a thoughtful line about love and relationships. He is not unfamiliar with "the gasp," "the sob,"or "the squirm factor." But knowing he would truly enjoy the pop culture references, the comedic irony, and the hilarious perspective of Matthew's POV, I couldn't resist. As a result, I think we have a new Emma Chase fan in the house, and I'm delighted because there's nothing better than sharing a hot-but-charming-and-often-hilarious story with someone who truly "gets you."

There is little depth or complexity here: the characters are who they are, and we love them for that. Their quirks and faults make them vulnerable; the author's ironic sense of humor puts them all in perspective, and altogether, reading their story is a delightful departure from the heavier and darker romances that we also love for entirely different reasons. But there is enough drama to bring out the best (or worst) in each character; enough action to transform them from the shallow, superficial over-grown college boys and girls we meet at first, to the men and women of substance they become; and enough warmth in their shared family experiences and friendships to make you think about the relationships in your own life that have shaped who you are today.

Emma Chase fans will not be disappointed. She delivers, as always, a reading experience that is light-hearted enough to make you forget your troubles for a while, charming enough to make you feel warm inside, yet thoughtful enough to make you consider what love really means ~ and what it takes to make a relationship last. This is the kind of fictional artistry we have come to expect from Emma Chase, and she has come through with flying colors.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
amy wilcox
What can I say? Another great story delivered to us by the talented Emma Chase.

If the first two novels were about Drew and Kate, this time it’s Matt and Dee’s turn to tell their story.

Tamed happens in parallel with Tangled.

Matthew is Drew’s best friend and, just like him, he likes to have fun. Find a good looking woman, spend the night together and leave in the morning without looking back.

Dee is Kate’s best friend and she doesn’t trust men beyond a one night stand. Her past relationships are proof that they can’t be trusted.

But Matt seems to be different. Or so he claims.

Emma did a great job with his character. From the first two installments you might think he and Drew are alike but here, you’ll realize he has a different personality and a different way of thinking. One of the things that set them apart is their view on marriage and relationships. While Drew is not interested in commitment, Matthew hopes to find the right woman someday, fall in love and get married. He really wants to have a family and is not afraid of trying even after he’s had his heart broken in the past.

Now, all he has to do is convince Dee he’s worth a shot. And that is NOT going to be an easy task.

This is one hell of a story and Matt will share with us some words of wisdom just like Drew. And if you thought Dee is a little bit crazy after meeting her in Tangled and Twisted, you’ll realize you’ve been wrong. She’s something else entirely but you’ll love her.

I’m so glad I decided to keep reading this series even if I’ve been a little bit disappointed in the beginning.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Happy Reading!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
jennifer roffmann grant
After reading Tangled and Twisted, you might feel like you already know what happens between Dee and Matthew. You know where they end up, so what is the point of reading their book, right? I would say wrong.

Tamed parallels Tangled. While all the stuff with Drew and Kate is going on, you get to see how Matthew changed his player ways, broke down all Dee’s barriers and fell in love against all odds.

When Matthew meets Dee, he knows she is something special. He wants to go out with her, have some fun with her. From the moment she ordered her drink at the bar, he knew she was going to be the girl for him.

The problem is, Dee’s a lot like the guys. Once she does one time, she’s done.Once Matthew has one time with her, he can’t stop there. Once will never be enough with Dee.

Dee Warren is unlike any other woman he’s ever met. She doesn’t do relationships. She isn’t simple or easy. But she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman. The only problem… after their one spectacular time, she doesn’t want to see him again.

Now Matthew just has to convince Dee to give him a real shot. To prove to her he’s not like all the other guys out there that have hurt her.

I really love Emma Chase’s writing. It’s always hilarious and fun. She knows how to write from the male perspective like no other. Matthew was different than Drew, so you can’t really compare them. He is his own brand of sweet, hilarious and sexy. Not quite as cocky, but still had that confidence. Dee is a strong and saucy female lead. I adore the two of them together. There were many laugh out loud moments and there chemistry was great!

If you’re looking for an entertaining read thats funny, charming, quirky and engaging- read this! I would recommend this to Tangled fans. Even though it wasn’t as good as Tangled for me, I liked it more than Twisted.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
By now you know how much I loved Tangled & Twisted by Emma Chase. Emma’s ability to combine witty banter and hot sex is the ultimate high for me. I was a little concerned that the 3rd book in the series didn’t feature Kate & Drew but I also really enjoyed Dee in the previous books and was looking forward to getting to know more about her. The payoff in Tamed was great. Dee was delightfully screwed up and awesome. And Matthew actually surprised me how much I liked him. He’s not as funny as Drew (though still hysterical) but honestly, he’s a better boyfriend than Drew. I dug it.
The book is funny. There are a number of just plain laugh-out-loud moments, some even tear-inducing. Emma Chase is a master of comedy. What I really love is that she is funny without being overly quirky. She finds the humor in life and makes the most of it. As someone who often makes very inappropriate jokes, this makes me feel right at home.
Dee is a BA She’s a rocket scientist who dressed like a bad girl-people and their assumptions be damned. Girl after my own heart. She’s been hurt and we learn about that in small ways that feel real. She’s a little nuts, overreacting sometimes and making him think she’s lost her mind. But she knows that and warns Matthew. I like a self-aware heroine.

Matthew is a man-ho with a heart of gold. He starts out just wanted to visit with Dee’s pink parts, but ends up really liking her. I love that he doesn’t run from that. He knows she’s something special and he’s not afraid of that. Way to go against-type Matthew. Love it.

I, on the other hand, don’t care where I get laid – my place, her place, the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

The book is told from Matthews POV. You know how much I love a male POV book. He starts out telling us that the story isn’t about the ending but about the ride and he’s so right. We know they’re going to end up together, but seeing the ups and downs, the break-ups and make-ups makes this book an absolutely delicious read. Definitely check it out.

Smut Factor: 4 stars: Smokin’ Hot!
Character likability: 5 stars: He’s my book boyfriend and I want to BE her.
Storytelling: 5 stars: I wake up thinking this really happened.
Writing and editing quality: 5 stars: Excellent!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
In Tamed, Ms. Chase gives us Matthew and Dee’s story – from Matthew’s perspective. Can I just say that being inside Matthew’s head was almost as much fun as being inside of Drew’s? Tamed occurs concurrently to Tangled and while it gives you a little bit of a peek into what happened when Kate and Billy broke up, the focus of the book is on Matthew and Dee and what Matthew had to do in order to get his girl – and I’ll just say that Dee kept him on his toes the whole time.

Matthew is funny, he’s sarcastic, his sense of humor mirrors my own, and when he cares, he cares deeply. He set out to show Dee how much he cared and how much she could trust him – unfortunately for him, Dee’s history is not conducive to trusting men and this makes his job that much harder. But Dee is not the only one with ghosts from past relationships – his just happen to make an ill-timed appearance that nearly ends everything before it really had a chance to start. Fortunately for Dee, Matthew subscribes to the belief that something worth having is worth fighting for and he refuses to go down without a fight.

Tamed is a great addition to the Tangled series and is chock full of laughs. I have never before found food poisoning funny but the author managed to make it hilarious. Ms. Chase’s talent as an author is impressive. I’ve spent time all day in the heads of three different characters of her creation and never once felt like I was in the same character’s head. There was never any confusion as to which character’s perspective I was experiencing. While I typically don’t enjoy books or movies in which the character addresses the audience, she somehow manages to pull it off. Sadly, my time with the Tangled crew must come to an end … well temporarily, as I must wait for the release of Tied, when I can once again spend time in Drew’s head (YAY!!!).

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
christian moore
I LOVE Matthew Fisher!!!

Before I continue with my love of Matthew and this book I want to say loud and clear, you do not need to read book 1 and 2 about Drew and Kate to love this story. Matthew and Dee (Delores) have their own engaging and entertaining story to share with readers.

This book pulled me right in and I SO love when that happens. The kind of book you wish you could curl up with and spend the day engrossed it. Tamed reminded me that Ms. Chase possesses amazing writing skills and has a unique ability to write the male POV. Matthew’s voice captivated me from the moment I opened my Kindle.

Ms. Chase masterfully crafted a man who sleeps around but somehow still felt like a man whose love you would be honored to have.

Matthew’s first sighting of Dee was hysterical and felt so true to the male mind; nope I am not telling you what Matthew admits is the first thing that attracts him to Dee, you need to read the book to find that out.

The use of secondary characters in this book helps the reader understand the main characters while also helping you fall even more in love with Matthew; learning about his heartache in college and then watching him with his “niece” all added to my love of this man who was beyond huggable (if you get my hidden meaning).

Speaking of hidden meaning, yes the sex in this book was hot, and in a few ways unique, yes I loved that too. Matthew has a surprise in his pants and no its not a piercing and again not telling. Oh and remember me saying what Matthew first noticed in Dee well that was woven into an EPICALLY hot sex scene!

Delores is a unique female character; though at times I wanted to strangle her and scream “grab what he is offering” her actions did make sense for the character created.

The pull these two have, the easy way in which they fit into each other lives had me rooting for them early one.

The together these two build comes with heartache but comes together in a way that was so perfect for this couple. Dee’s forever gesture was perfect!

Ms. Chase thank you for a wonderful written story; Thank you for Matthew Fischer!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Tamed is the third novel in the Tangled series by author Emma Chase. A romantic comedy about Matthew Fisher and Delores ‘Dee’ Warren that had me laughing and swooning at the same time while reading the entire novel.

“This is a story about a player, who meets a slightly crazy girl. They fall in love and the player changes his ways forever. It’s a story you’ve probably heard before, maybe even from my buddy, Drew Evans. But the thing is, while he and Kate were figuring their sh*t out? There was this whole alternate universe going on with Delores and me that you don’t know about.”

Matthew plays the field never looking for love, since his heart was broken once until he meets Delores.

“Have you ever had a moment when you think to yourself, this is going to change everything? From this point on, there will be a before, an after, and this event will forever divide the two? Looking back now-this was it. That first, scorching, perfect kiss. This was the moment that would determine the rest of my life. And nothing after it would ever be the same.”

Dee is also fighting demons from her past, so she does not do relationships to protect her heart. Unfortunately for Dee, Matthew is not giving up on something he is determine to have and he is determine he wants Dee for more than a night. Matthew wants her to trust him and embark on a journey together to discover maybe there is just more chemistry between them.

“The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.”

Emma Chase’s novel is funny and a swoon worthy love story that will have you feel as if you are on an emotional roller coaster pulling at your heart strings of COMPASSION, SADNESS, ANGER, LAUGHTER, FORGIVENESS, FRIENDSHIP, TRUSTWORTHINESS, LOVE and HOT SEX SCENES. This is a MUST READ if you need a little laughter and romance!

" To really love another person, you have to know them – their quirks, their dreams, what pisses them off and makes them smile, their strengths, weaknesses and flaws.”

Emma Chase’s novel, Tamed, receives - 5 AMAZING STARS!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
nazaruddin mlis
By now I’m sure that we’ve all read Tangled and Twisted. While Drew and Kate’s story was being told, another was unfolding between their friends Dee and Matthew. If you’ve read the previous books then you already know what becomes of this precious couple; don’t let that deter you from reading Tamed because there is a whole lot that we were all yet to learn.

We are taken back in time with this book. Following the same timeline as Tangled, it begins when Dee and Matthew first meet. The sparks between these two characters is undeniable and it is thrilling to see their relationship unfold into what could be described as the opposite of the norm. While Matthew is ready to give himself wholeheartedly to Dee and change his eligible bachelor ways, Dee is determined to make sure that they only spend the one night together. What could possibly happen when Matthew just can’t get enough of her?

I’m a huge fan of Emma’s so it was inevitable that I would love this story. Her writing is different and fresh compared to some of the more conventional styles that you read in any book that you pick up. Instead of describing everything from an outside perspective, she draws you in by allowing the main characters to take on a life of their own. The characters were easy to love and the story was something I could read over and over again. The only criticism I have is that the book ended too abruptly. I was ready for so much more of Matthew and Dee, then there wasn’t any pages left. I just didn’t want it to be over.

Fans of the Tangled series are going to love this book. If you are a newbie to the Emma Chase Fan Club, make sure you read Tangled and Twisted before you read Tamed, just to get an insight of the characters, especially Kate and Drew. If you wish to surpass the previous books then you should be able to read Tamed just as you would any standalone novel. You also get an additional novella, Holy Frigging Matrimony, at the end of this book.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
tifa kerbal
You’ve been Tangled, you’ve been Twisted and now it’s time to be Tamed. But this one is not about Drew and Kate. This book goes back to the beginning of the Tangled story, but this story is not Drew’s to tell. This one is all Matthew. You remember, the hottie friend that got Kate’s friend’s number at the bar that night? Sure you remember. Delores, sounds like Clitoris and he got the number.

But what was expected to be a one or two night thing between Matthew and Dee Dee, turned into something a little different. An addiction for Matthew, and though he seemed to have done everything right for a relationship, Dee just doesn’t do relationships. But if she did, I am pretty sure that Matthew would be the one she chose from the beginning.

Told from Matthew’s point of view, it takes us back into the male mind that we loved in Tangled. But Matthew and Drew may have a lot in common, their stories are so completely different. This is the story of how Matthew and Dee went from a conversation about her rhyming name to married in Vegas. And it is a story. Remember, this was all going on when we were living through Drew and Kate’s story.

I enjoyed going back to the male perspective on romance. That was one of the things that I fell in love with in Tangled, it wasn’t a duel perspective, it was his, just the same way that this one is all Matthew. Matthew has a crazy perspective on love and relationships, but you know what, he got all of the social rules right.

Matthew made some very bold moves to win the heart of Dee and there were several moments of laugh out loud fun in this book. It is well written and well told and just like the two previous books, it takes an entirely different spin on romance and throws in a comical twist. I loved it!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
amber senser
I went into Tamed with a touch of hesitancy since this story would be Matthew's. Would he be as humorous as our beloved Drew? Would it be like reading Tangled again with just a different characters name? Well, let me assure you,Tamed is it's own story and Matthew is THE Man! Maybe, just maybe he over-shined Drew and that's a bright ass light my friends!

We all know how Dee Dee and Matthew's story ends but getting into these two character's and getting their full story was a-maz-ing! I loved Dee Dee and her crazy -ass attitude that hides her vulnerable heart. As for Matthew, I expected his humor and male ways,but what I didn't expect was to swoon for him through the entire story. Seriously, he will make my list of 2014 Book Boyfriends!

Tamed is told in Matthew's perspective and all our favorite's make an appearance since the story runs along the time of Tangled. It can be read as a stand-alone but where's the fun in that?! If you have not read the amazingly talented Emma Chase then you need to fix that because she write's male perspective's that are humorous,intriguing and sexy as hell!

Read it, love it!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
nicole lauren
I was excited to get a review copy of this book (in exchange for my honest opinion, of course). I loved Tangled and wanted to know more about Matthew and Dee (Drew and Kate’s best friends). The time line for this story happens at the same time that Drew and Kate’s story happened.

I loved Matthew right off the top. He was funny and sweet and HOLY HELL he rides a motorcycle!!!! Much like Drew, Matthew is successful in his career and with the ladies.

As for Dee, I loved her too. She’s smart (Jeez! She’s really a rocket scientist!), she’s beautiful and she’s a loyal friend. She’s also been hurt before and lucky for her Matthew is just the guy to help her get past that.

One of my favourite parts of this book is the interaction between Matthew and Drew, during Drew’s “flu” period. [Note: Yes! I love Drew Evans and I can't get enough of him, even if it's just through knocks on a wall for yes and no answers].

As always, Emma Chase has a wonderful writing style that is both funny and touching. She can write a male point of view like no other! I gave Tamed 5 yummy cups of steamy latte that made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
dave roybal
I absolutely love and adore Emma Chase and her books. Her style of writing is freakin' hilarious. In this book we get to see how they dynamics of Matthew and Dee Dee played out. I wasn't sure if I was going to be as captured with them as I was with Drew and Kate. They didn't quite have the firework power like Drew and Kate did but they did come in a close second.

The Male POV was great. With Matthew and Drew we get to be inside the male psyche and how they see relationships work. Pure genius it is.

With all the books in this series I laughed and laughed.

Tamed and the others are books that are hard to review because they are just books that need to be experienced instead of talked about in my opinion.

As always Drew and Matthew have each others back.

"Until he realizes the icebox you call a twat just isn't worth the price of admission anymore. That could be a problem."

With Drew comes laughs and shenigans. Where Drew had a complete turn around, Matthew just needed the right woman to show his heart to. Matthew is really a big softy and feisty Dee is the key to Matthew's sweetness.

Even thought Matthew is more of a sweetheart from the beginning he still had many moments with his foot in his mouth. With Dee she may be feisty but she also has her share of issues that put a kink into their happiness. But love is worth it and Matthew and Dee fight for it when it counts.

Great Book! Amazingly fabulous Author! Hilarious Series!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
yj soon
You know how you get so excited for a sequel or a book in a series, only to be let down because it's not up to par with the other books in the series? I know, we've all been there. It's like your heart gets crushed a little. Well, let me tell you... Have no worries here with that, Emma delivers an amazing book in the tangled series. She doesn't short us on one iota of humor or sexiness. I think Matthew gives Drew an honest run for his money. Emma delivers yet another strong, humorous, sexy man who gets surprised by love. She also gives us another strong, independent woman in this book just like before with Kate. Dee is one handful that's for sure. Certain she doesn't want love due to her history. Then in walks Matthew and the game changes, for both of them. We also get to see the other side to the Kate/Drew/Billy saga and how it impacted their friends. This is another book delivered by Emma that will suck you in from te beginning and spit you out at the end with a goofy smile on your face. You may want to strangle Dee at some point, I know I did, but loved every single second of the story.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
The characters in these books are perfect. They are the best mix of spirit, strength and fieriness along with gentle, lady like simpleness. The men are strong and sexy but not over the top and are goofy and simple also.

The story lines are basic and simple yet fun and intriguing. I love the snippy conversations, the sarcastic humour and the realness of the characters and their interactions. Makenzie is frikkin awesome and I would love to sit with her one day for a tea party LOL

The dinner conversation at Mathew's parents house was brilliant - I would loved to have been a fly on the wall - omg I was laughing out loud and embarrassed for him!
The dancing scene at the nightclub was simple yet hot as heck. I love the way the author brought this out without too much effort.
Lexi's party and the run in with Rosaline was awesome, funny and had me chuckling out loud! Lexi is amazing, strong and one hell of a feisty b**** - I love her and would LOVE to see her with her own story *hint hint Emma :)

A lot of humor and chuckles without going over the top.

I am so happy we got to meet Mathew and Delores this way - they are hilarious and I actually enjoyed Mathew more than Drew (yeah I know, don't shoot me lol but I did). Don't get me wrong...Drew is incredible but there was just "something" about Mathew.
Delores - well she is an act all on her own and in a world of her own lol She and Lexi are 2 peas in a pod!

I am so glad I got the chance to read this book and I look forward to the next one in this series (along with Lexi's story - hint hint to Emma again) :)
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
kevin k
We met Matthew and Dee in Tangled but now we get the whole story. Emma really knows how to write a story from a male's POV, she did not disappoint.
Matthew Fisher is funny, witty and just darn sexy that I couldn't help myself falling in love with him right from the beginning. Being Drew's best friend is just another plus cause that means we get a little more Drew as well.
Dee is different, Matthew is instantly attracted to her but unfortunately Dee has been burned before so she pushes Matthew away too many times.
I absolutely love all the banter and humor that Emma delivers in her stories along with the hot sexy scenes as well as the emotional teary eyed ones. There is always a good balance of emotions in her books.

If you enjoyed Tangled which I'm sure you did, then you will also love this one. Check it out. Matthew is beyond awesome!

I give Tamed 4 bookmarks. - Sassy Sext Addiction Book Lovers
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
flann harris
This is another winner for Emma Chase. I have loved the books in the series written in the guys' points of views. Like Drew Matthew is hysterical. I especially love the story of him trying to help Drew outside Drew's door. This story is of Matthew telling us how him and Dee Dee get together. Matthew was originally a ladies man. Always a lady in his bed but never not a gentlemen. than he meets DeeDee and everything changes. Matthew no longer wants other women. He enjoys just talking to DeeDee. But DeeDee is not as keen as Matthew is about a relationship. deedee is apprehensive and does keep pushing him away. Matthew is kind and patient with her to a point.

I love matthew's interaction with drew's niece as well. So cute at the zoo. anywhoo with deedee matthew is patient and her rock. No matter how much of a idiot deedee is and pushes and pushes for him to leave he stays. Although there comes a point where deedee may push to far and matthew makes deedee have to see for herself what she is missing.

I am not a fan of Deedee only because she jumps to conclusions, is swift to insult and just jumps off the rails to fast. her opinions sometimes can grate on your nerves but matthew is great for her. He calms her at times and is able to keep her in check.

This is a hysterical read through Matthews eyes. Like Drew he is outgoing in his thoughts. A fun funny read from Matthew's view on his falling in love with Deedee and all the ups and downs they have. We see a fun nice guy just trying to be with the girl he loves as she gets scared and tries to push him away again and again but he perseveres and wins in the end.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
amber slaton
The events that occur in Tamed take place during the same period as the previous Tangled novels, so while we don’t see a lot of Drew Evans *le sigh* and Kate we do cross-paths with these characters as they interact in Matthew’s and Dee’s timeline. Ooo but Mckenzie is present and I just adore her.

Dee is unique, in your face, and marches to her own drum. Not only is she a genius the girl has snark, fascinating opinions and spunk! I would hang out with her any time! She would certainly have me pushing my own personal boundaries.

Tamed unfolds from Matthew’s perspective and like Drew he speaks directly to the reader. Emma Chase does this brilliantly, and Matthew is a captivating storyteller. His personality, passion for friends, work ethic and insanely humorous ideas regarding the opposite sex had me giggling, swooning and sighing.

I consumed Tamed in one sitting and I am pretty sure I forgot to breathe. The tale is relatively low on angst as Chase peeled back the character’s exposing their hang-ups, and personalities. While Matthew pretends to be a player and his crude comments initially made me worried, we quickly see the softer, passionate side of him. Dee has her issues, and is the first one to warn you about them. The romance was delicious, with hot scenes that made my nook sizzle. Chase knows how to write hot, genuine scenes that leave me a tad breathless.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
nicole pugh
*This book was given to me for a fair and honest review*

Jumping into Matthew and Delores’s (aka Dee) story, I was a little anxious. How could any couple that Emma writes top Drew and Kate? I was right BUT I think Matthew and Dee come in a very close second…

Tamed takes place in the same time frame as Tangled, running parallel to Drew and Kate’s story. It was exciting for me to experience their story interacting with Matthew and Dee; learning more about all four characters that I already knew but managed to fall in love with more.

If you read my reviews, you know that I love strong women in books. Dee has to be my current favorite. Strong, smart and sassy, she is not afraid of what anyone thinks of her and speaks her mind. It was awesome to see her falter a little when Matthew came into her life. I felt like it was the first time she had to step out of her zone and let someone else into her heart.

Oh Matthew, yummy, scrumptious Matthew…I have a crush on you. That boy knows how to show a girl a good time! The reformed womanizer, wingman of Drew falling for not-at-all soft Dee was a revelation. Plus, he is truly a good guy.

It seems that you can never go wrong with an Emma Chase book. Witty, sarcastic, humorous with the best quotes ever – example: “Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus, it rhymes with clitoris . . . and I really know my way around them. Big fan.” Why would you ever say no?

Anxiously awaiting the next book in the series, Tied!

Originally posted to Books Books Books Blog
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
leslie algozin
✰✰ Review ✰✰

I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with the characters that are Matthew and Dee. I’ve liked all the books in this series but this one pulled me in more. I believe it was Matthew that did it. It was told in his POV, from a man, a player and a non bulls***. He says it like it is and I loved that. You don’t need to read the other books to understand where he is coming from but I would recommend you do for more insight.

I loved that we get the male POV and brutal honesty into the mans way of thinking. Male views on life are quite scary to some women but I realised a long time ago, think like a man and act like a man then you don’t get hurt. (Sounds good right?).

I read this like I was taking in a deep breath of fresh air, I adored and really respected Dee and Matthew. I laughed so hard my belly hurt and I also cried a little at times when I delved inside the minds of this couple. I knew how it would end but seeing their journey was very pleasurable. Mackenzie makes a starring role and once again she is unforgettable. I look forward to the day we get her book in her teenage years with her daddy and uncles overseeing her!

Some people like fluff and roses but I’m into reality. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Right?? Read this and you will find out.

I related to a lot of this story, it made me laugh so much because the humour was part of the build to the sex life, it was the way they worked, at first with no cares, then playful, finally along came the feelings. A feel good book with lots of hot sex and smiles to go with it.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
amanda hamilton
So, don't kill me for saying this but... this is my first Emma Chase book - which means it's my first Tangled series book. Let it be known the first two are officially on my TBR!

This book was HILARIOUS. I loved that it was told entirely from the male's POV. I loved Matt, he was witty and honest (almost to a fault) and sweet and even a little broken, but he's strong, too. And HOT!

I'll cherish every part of her - her body, her mind... her heart - for as long as she'll let me.

If you liked He's Just Not That Into You... you'll love this book. Matt tells us like it is, he teaches us women what men really want and think, and to not read too much into things. It was refreshing and different.

Our female lead, Dee Dee is too much. That girl is all spunk and sex. She's exactly what I look for in a heroine, she's strong and independent and witty. But, she's so totally damaged.

She's the love-'em-and-leave-'em-with-bruises type of girl.

Without giving too much away my favorite thing about her was that she was stubborn but not too stubborn to admit she was wrong and to go after what she wanted.

This book is the perfect book to take with you to the beach. It's light and fun and easy with just the right amount of drama.

Love is missing the taste of someone's morning breath. Thinking they're beautiful, even when their nose is Rudolph-red and their hair is bird's nest crazy. Love isn't putting up with someone in spite of their faults - it's adoring them because of them.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Delores, Dee, has been burned before and has no interest in a relationship. She's happy with one night stands. Matthew is the typical manwhore. He will sleep with a woman more than once but isn't looking for anything long lasting. Then he meets Dee. "Delores rhymes with clitoris". That has to be my favorite line in the book. Matthew will always be "clit-boy" to me. I loved that this story was told in the male POV. It made the story even funnier. I'll be honest, I haven't read Tangled or Twisted yet, but that didn't matter. Tamed can be read as a stand-alone. I had no problems reading it without reading the others. It made me want to read Tangled and Twisted asap. I enjoyed Matthew's bluntness about the male species. He was honest and to the point. I loved Dee and her carefree attitude. I think everything she did, wore, said was calculated to have a reaction. Hell, she's a scientist that dresses like a stripper. Just writing this review has a smile coming to my face, and my rating of this book is rising. I found it to be refreshing to read something that has very little angst. I also loved that Matthew had no interest in other women once he met Dee.

Overall, this book was well-written, easy-to-read, and left me with a smile on my face. You've got to read it.

Reviewed by Tracy
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
gretchen parker
All I've known about Matthew Fisher is that he's Drew's best friend and he was seeing Dee Dee. I assumed he was a player given Drew's history. He is somewhere in that zone but I contend that he was just waiting for "the one" after having been once burned.

Matthew is a lot more interesting than what I'd "assumed" about him. Shame on me. He's a nice guy who likes a good time but he's smart, talented and respectful of women.

When he meets Dee Dee, he sees her inner spirit and is drawn to her like the proverbial moth to flame. She's the one skittish about any whiff of relationship so Matthew tries to keep it light until it becomes impossible to do. If there's any taming to be done, I think it was Matthew trying to lasso Dee Dee.

The narration was great as all of the others were. Deacon Lee managed to put a little smirk in his performance while keeping Matthew just plain likable. I loved his interpretation of the character.

I'm not only in serious like of this series but also in serious love with the narrators. They've nailed the men in the stories and made their journey from players to committed men a fun one. I enjoyed Matthew's story and highly recommend the audiobook format, though the book will be entertaining no matter the format.

(I received an ARC from the publisher)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
zen cho
I absolutely freaking LOVED this book!! While we know the end result of Matthew and Dee’s story because of Tangled and Holy Frigging Matrimony it did not take away from the book. I loved reading about the journey to their happiness. Dee and Matthew are HILARIOUS and I caught myself laughing so hard at parts. I loved their spunk and banter but also the tenderness each one was capable of showing. All in all this was a fantastic addition to the series and I loved every minute of it.


♥ Sophie

I enjoyed reading Matthew & Dee story. It had some great surprises. I actually enjoyed it SO much that I snapped a photo of one of the pages on my iPhone to discuss with my friend once she finishes reading it. LOL….just in case you are wondering it has a reference to a Mr. Grey and was laugh out loud hilarious! I was even laughing when I was done with that part thinking about it, wait I’m still laughing now! Buy this now. You won’t be disappointed.


♦ Eve
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
mark sieger
If you enjoyed the first book in the Tangled series - then you are definitely going to love Matthew and Dee's story. Their story goes along the same timeline as when Kate and Drew started out, but you get their side of things and how they got together and became a couple.

After the second book in the Tangles series, which was so angsty to me - I was so glad that this book had way less drama and was just an enjoyable light-hearted love story - with just a little trouble from Dee!! These two together had me laughing at times, as Dee sure gave "clit-boy" (a.k.a. Matthew) a run for his money. She was sure she couldn't "do" relationships and wanted casual - but Matthew was going to show her that she was wrong.

Matthew really tried to prove himself to Dee as he battled her constant insecurities, trying to continually show her that he was there for the long haul. I actually felt bad for him at times, because you could really feel the depth of his feelings for her - and she just couldn't grasp or trust those feelings. Luckily, Dee finally realized what Matthew really meant to her.

I loved the humor in this book the most - and these two people together were classic. A great romance that will have you smiling along the way!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Tamed by Emma Chase is the third full length novel in her Tangled series. Just as funny as the previous books, Tamed details the story of Matthew and Dee Dee. Matthew being Drew's best friend and Dee Dee being Kate's best friend.

Matthew's inner monologue is at once hilarious and touching. It's a side to him I didn't expect and was happy to see. The story runs concurrent with the time frame of Drew and Kate stories from the previous books and details the meeting, chasing, and falling of Matthew and Dee.

Dee is a tough girl with a prickly exterior out of necessity to protect herself from being hurt and Matthew is bound and determined to get past her walls and into her heart. He does all he can to prove to her over and over that he is NOT like the other bastards in her life that treated her bad (and that he wants to annihilate for ever daring to hurt her). Tamed is hilarious and touching and will have you laughing out loud with the antics of these characters.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
chee lim poon
Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Even though Tamed is the third book in Tangled series, there is absolutely no reason why it couldn't be considered as a standalone. The author has taken a lot of trouble to help the reader pick up the thread of events which is a feat in itself. I, for one, wasn't the slightest bit confused as this is well-explained from the first chapter onwards. I was also delighted by her style of writing— incredibly refreshing and it will without a doubt, have you laughing out loud! It certainly did me.

It didn't take me long to realise that it was going to be a hard job to review without letting on either, so I've decided to skim the storyline which is fast moving in this unputdownable book, and concentrated more on how this romantic love story-cum comedy with a difference was written and told in first person from Matthew’s POV.

Matthew Fisher and his buddies, Drew and Alexandra Evans, and Steven Reinhart are lifelong friends. Their lives are entwined in such a way that everything they do directly or indirectly, has a repercussion of sorts on the others. Theirs is a relationship for better or worse regardless, and totally endearing for the reader. When Matthew, this abso-frinkin’-lutely gorgeous player is introduced to Dolores (Dee Warren) by Kate Brooks, his colleague in the family business and in a relationship with whom you may ask? Sorry! Not going to spill the beans; hotter than hot sparks fly between two protagonists that appear to be on the same planet! Are they? Well, all the right signals and innuendos are there for these two independent professionals but Dee has trust issues with a capital T. So the big question is; will they do their damnedest to make it work because their friends don’t seem to think so. Not only is the banter hilariously absorbing, but true colours will be shown, soft sides will be revealed, comprehension will be put to the test, and as always in this series, protectiveness will reign.

Apart from Matthew being the Alpha male you’d wish to bump into in the middle of a dark night, and how on earth the author has been able to describe to perfection the way both Drew and Matthew think, react and sum up the female peculiarities from their point of view is beyond sublime! It doesn't offend simply because a few truths aren't too far away from home. In this story, there isn't just one man that will enthral you, oh no, there’s two or maybe even three! The author has put herself in the shoes of her male characters so naturally that it’s uncanny! The sex scenes are vividly described and made me wish—oh, definitely wish…

I must confess that I had a few personal issues with the star rating of this extremely well-written book? Why? Well, it certainly wasn't because of the faultless grammar, exceptional vocabulary or the marvellous dialogue. It was simply because I couldn't fathom out some of the American personalities and quotes she’d mentioned and had to Google them! Please excuse this English lass’s ignorance! But after reflecting on this, I realised that English authors and even reviewers when comparing, do exactly the same thing. I'm absolutely sure that our lingo, sayings and personalities also confuse the American reader.

I just loved this book and I am so looking forward to reading the fourth book in this series which is due to be published in October. Bravo Ms Chase! You certainly made me laugh, cry and swear out loud in one session!!!

This ARC was gifted to KFF via Net GALLEY for an honest review.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
If you’re reading Tamed or want to read Tamed, you’ve most likely read Tangled and Twisted. Tamed is not Drew and Kate’s story, its Matthew and Delores story. You’ve seen bits and pieces about them from Drew’s POV but now it’s Matthew’s turn to fill in all the blanks.

Tamed is completely from Matthew’s POV and I have to say, Emma Chase does an outstanding male POV. I truly feel like I’m in a guy’s brain. And it’s so interesting. And dirty. And, at least with Matthew, very sweet. I really liked getting to see how Matthew and Dee Dee came together and their ups and downs. It’s the story of 2 people who have been hurt in the past and are just looking for a night of fun. But that night continues. They can’t get enough of each other and not just in a sexual way.

While I love Drew and all of his crass and outspokenness and humor, I really love Matthew. There is just something about him. And we all know Drew doesn’t like Dee Dee, you get to see her from a completely different. Yes she’s still crazy. And she is loyal to her friends and family. But you see the parts of her we never saw in Tangled and Twisted because it’s all about her and Matthew falling in love.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
jennifer brown
But I did like it. Since I already had a pretty good idea about their characters from the other three books I've read by her, I went in with some expectations and I am not sure if everything went like I was expecting. Matthew and Delores are a cute couple who have similar interests in just sex and no relationship commitments though very early on (like the first time) Matthew pretty much gives up on those. He is the one pushing for the relationship while Dee isn't sure. I wish there was a little more details about why she is the way she is.Matthew skims thru the details just enough to threaten the last guy who actually hit Dee. Of course like any good story there is the necessary drama which Dee pretty much brings on herself. There is even a little insight into Drew and Kate here and there. I think I was hoping for another gut busting humor story like Drew, but this one is a lot more serious. Though Matthew did drop some humor here and there and I did enjoy the book....

I feel like I am giving a negative review when in fact I did enjoy the book and give it a solid 5 stars. Dee and Matthew deserve you to read their story and share in the love that they both realize they are capable of giving and receiving!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
I have been trying to find the time to read this series for months and I have finally succeeded. Emma Chase’s writing made the waiting all the more worth it. I was lucky enough to be given an arc of Tamed so I set about buying the books that came before it. I haven’t read a book series that is set from the male character perspective from the very start, yes I have read books that come later in a series from the male pov, but never from the off. A refreshing change done well. I loved every moment of their humorous yet sometimes egotistical outlook on life, family and women spread over the three and half books. You cannot help but feel attuned to their romantic plight despite all the facepalm moments they have along the way. Overall Dee Dee and Matthew are my favourite couple so far and Emma Chase has been added to my list of go to authors. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Emma Chase has written another totally hot, hilarious and very warm story that will have you laughing out loud and turning the pages until the end. A funny and very sexy book, Tamed tells Matthew and Dee's story from Matthew's POV. No one writes a male POV quite like Emma Chase! I loved getting inside Matt's head and I loved watching his feelings for Dee unfold.

Emma Chase's pop culture and movie references are an absolute favorite of mine, her references are modern, witty and hilarious. The scenes between these two characters are outrageously HAWT and exhilarating. My boyfriend Drew makes an appearance in Tamed along with Kate and Billy, but center stage is Matt and the wild Dee. This is the perfect summer read, it is fast-paced, incredibly sexy, and laugh-out-loud funny. Enjoy the latest installment in the Tangled series, you will not be able to put it down!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I'm an idiot because I kept putting this book off because I didn't care for Dee in the other books. I was wrong. It was a great book, I liked Dee, loved Matthew and their story.
I think my favorite part was when Matthew was having dinner with his parents and his mom started the 50 Shades of Grey discussion. It's a good thing I was alone in the car listening to this, because I would have looked like a lunatic laughing. Loved the narrator. I will never put off another one of Emma Chase's books again. I should have known better.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hilarious!!!! Tamed is the third book in the Tangled series. It is the story of Matthew and Delores just amazing, I laugh so hard, I love Matt Pov, and how he fell in love with Dee, they start like sex buddies but they relationship starting to grow and at last is full commitment. But is difficult when Dee is a runner, she do not relationship, because she is ready to run. But Matt is very patience man and try to understand her and show her that love is beautiful thing, and is worth it.

I love Matt and her relationship with Dee, but also with Drew, Alexandra, love how they are tight like brothers. and Of course with Mackenzie, just adorable.

This book is so funny, I really enjoy it reading it!! I totally recommend this book and the whole series!!!!
Again Emma Chase delivers a excellent book and I love it, the characters very lovable and funny.

10 stars!!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I am glad we finally got some of the holes filled from the previous books and were able to see Dee and Matthew’s story.  It was fun, sexy and I like that while Matthew was still a guy’s guy, he wasn’t a chauvinistic as Drew.  Matthew and Dee are perfect together.  Even though it took a long time to convince her of that.  

This was a great addition to the Tangled series the only drawback was Deacon Lee isn’t my favorite narrator.  Don’t get me wrong he did ok, he just didn’t change up the voices very much.  
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Matthew and Dee are absolutely a blast! I've liked them throughout this whole series and I loved finally getting to see how they got together. Matthew is simply adorable and so much fun! I loved how he pursued Dee even though she tried pushing him away. The best part about the book for me though, was the dialogue between Dee and Matthew. It's one of the things I love the most about Chase's books and she certainly delivered with this couple! Despite the fact that Matthew and Dee are a little goofy, the sexy times were smoking hot! I was definitely a happy reader! Matthew surprised me in the best way.

I don't really have much more to say about this one, but I really enjoyed it! I think it was an excellent addition to the series. Plus, it gives me an outside perspective on Drew and Kate's early stages of their relationship! Now, I'm ready for TIED!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
lauren mcculloch
Question: What do author Emma Chase and Mary Poppins have in common?

Tamed is the third novel in the Tangled series by Emma Chase. I have to be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this one. We have had quite a measure of variety with this series, and the author has done that yet again.

Matthew, you may recall, is the co-worker and like-a-brother friend of Drew Evans, and Delores, or Dee, as she prefers to be called, is Kate’s childhood friend (Tangled 1 and 2). The two meet in book one, and all we really know is that Matthew suddenly drops off the dating / club scene, and becomes the brunt of many jokes freely delivered at the hands of Drew, Steven and Jack. So we know there’s a story there. Well, Tamed is that story.

Matthew is, in a word, adorable. His observations about dating and the gentler sex are both funny and, sometimes (I’m afraid to admit) spot on! Delores is, well… eclectic; she’s a handful, to be sure, but Matthew is clearly up for the challenge. Together, the two of them have a chemistry that’s undeniable. Their quick wit and sharp banter makes for hilarious conversation. Throw in a precocious preschooler named Mackenzie, and there were honestly times I literally laughed until I cried.

Through prior books in this series, we have come to know Delores as the strong, ferociously protective best friend to Kate; however, there’s another side to Dee that hasn’t been revealed until now. Dee has insecurities from her past that have her constantly throwing up roadblocks to keep her from taking the chances she so desperately wants to take with Matthew, and Matthew has his own relationship baggage to overcome. Together Matt and Dee will have to find a way to let go of past hurts so that they can begin to embrace the promise of new possibilities with each other.

Alexandra (aka “the Bitch”) is back, but only in the most endearing way. She is the perfect pseudo-sister. She holds Matthew to the same exacting principles that she holds Drew, as evidenced by her expectations when it comes to her precious offspring. However, she is also ferociously protective of him. When the time is right, Lexi doesn’t hesitate to bust out “The Bitch,” and when she does, it is wise to stand well and truly back. It’s a wonder to behold. Impressive, really.

Tamed is everything I want in a romantic comedy. It’s the perfect blend of humor, with a touch of poignancy to keep it real, enough romance to ensure some satisfying sighs, and just the right measure of “spice.” In answer to my earlier question, what do Emma Chase and Mary Poppins have in common? “Practically perfect in every way!”

5 perfect stars.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
If you're unsure about whether or not to try this one, being less than impressed with Twisted (bk 2), I say take the chance, this one was fun. Who knew Matthew/Dee would be so entertaining?!? Really liked it and toyed with giving 4.5 stars but settled in at 4.0 ish stars. Love Emma Chase's writing and I'd say with this bk she's got a winner. In Tangled (bk 1) I thought of Matthew as the goofy side kick. But oh no, Matthew is so much more. He's funny, smooth, sweet, sexy and just adorable. And Dee's not all snark, okay mostly, but she's wild and fun and she's got a vulnerable side. One night stand Matthew is on a mission to earn Dee's trust all the while they're burning up the sheets. In between Matthew/Dee's romance, which takes place from the minute Matthew meets Dee (in Tangled bk 1), there are a few snippets of the Drew/Kate story. Not much, just time line stuff mostly. The author only mixes the two stories in a minor way giving the spotlight to Matthew/Dee. For example, did love the scenes where Drew has "the flu" and Matthew sits outside Drew's door and chats in a one sided conversation, only to have Drew throw a ball at the door (once for Yes, twice for No) in response. While the other cast and crew from the series show up from time to time Alexandra and Mackenzie have small parts in the story.

I almost passed this one by, but so glad I didn't. Try it, bet you'll like it.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
abdullah almusned
*Due to the content this isn't recommended for readers under 18.*

Story: This series has quickly become my guilty pleasure because it's one of the most authentic male POVs I've come across. Even though I liked them as side characters, I wasn't sure how invested in Matthew and Delores' story I would be, but I ended up THOROUGHLY enjoying this! Matthew and Delores are both raw, honest and hilariously inappropriate characters who made me laugh, choked me up and caused me to blush a few times too (HARD). We also get a glimpse of Drew and Kate's budding relationship and more insight into Alexandra and Stephen too. (I hope we get to read their story eventually!)

Audio: Deacon Lee does a fantastic job capturing Matthew's endearing arrogance and Delores' quirky personality and bringing them to life!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
lamont lucas
Now we get to see Matthew and Dee's relationship more closer!

Matthew is a sweet, cool, thoughtful guy! He thinks things through, he knows what's important. Who does that now?
I really loved to be inside his mind!

I liked Drew but Matthew is perfect!

Dee, well I'm not sure if I like her... So good at work, intelligent but insecure when it matters the most and doesn't have a clue... or does she? If she does she's a little lost, at this time she would know the difference...

A comedy romance from a male's POV, it's always fun!
At some point, in this case, hilarious, all this thoughts running through a man's head.

This was a funny read, with a nice sexy romance.

While I'm on vacation, this was the perfect summer read!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
YES! Just yes! This is the Emma Chase I fell in love with. For those of you who were thrown off the bandwagon with Twisted, have no fear! Emma has done it again. Sure, I can throw all the overused, redundant terms at you: unputdownable, hilarious, sexy and fun, but how about these: skillful comedic timing, lustful page turning sex, and a romantic leading man with a case of uproarious wit.

Yeah, I know, I just can’t help it. I am absolutely in love with Mathew. Forget Drew. He is a child compared to this man. A man who is humbled by love and not afraid to lay it all out there. He really is book boyfriend perfection. I drove my husband nuts with my constant “Ya gotta hear this” and I gave the highlight option on my Kindle a real work out too. I mean come on….. I’ll leave the funny parts as a surprise, but here’s some sweet!

“To really love another person, you have to know them – their quirks, their dreams, what pisses them off and makes them smile, their strengths, weaknesses and flaws.”

“I want to be the reason for your smiles”

As much as I loved Tangled, it really pales in comparison to Tamed. Still sporting my perpetual smile 24 hours later! A perfect summer read, guys.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
dan wood
I LOVE everything about this series! Emma Chase has made me laugh more than any other author. She has such a unique writing style that just makes it impossible to put her books down.

This book is Matthew (Drew's BF) and Dee's (Kate's BF) love story. It's told from Matthew's POV and similar to Drew, he is hilarious. If you have read the other books in the series you know they end up getting married. This book fills in the rest of their story, that took place during the same time period as Tangled. Matthew is sweet and Dee is quirky, well sometimes a bit neurotic honestly. Together they have amazingly, HOT chemistry! You won't be disappointed.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
bryant scott
I purchased this as an audiobook through I absolutely loved it. The story is written from Matthew's point of view. It's a story of friendship, trust and love. I haven't read the prior two books and it wasn't necessary to read this one. But I will for sure being getting them now. I drive an hour each way to and from work each day so listening to this made my drive feel so much faster and made me wish it were longer. Admittedly there were a couple of places where I was thinking - not smart listening to this right before work ;)

I highly encourage you to get the book or audiobook. You won't be disappointed!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
alejandro salazar
When a female writer can write the male point of view with authenticity, I believe it shows real talent. This is a talent Emma Chase demonstrates again with Tamed. Tamed follows the same timeline as Tangled and gives an alternate view of Drew and Kate's story, while exploring the new relationship of Delores and Matthew. I love a bitter, damaged heroine and Emma delivers Delores in a package tailor made for me. Matthew has to work exhaustively to earn her trust, all while keeping his own identity. Highly recommended.

Gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review, See more reviews at smutbookclub .com
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Emma Chase is simply brilliant yet again. The woman can deliver an amazing book after another without missing a beat! When Kate introduced Dee to Drew and the boys, it was lust at first sight for Matthew, and he worked his magic to get her into his bed ASAP. Except there was more to Dee then met his eyes and Matt fell hard. Convincing her he was her forever however, was the toughest thing he ever did. Told from Matt's POV, the story also brings back new insight into Drew and Kate's story. It is hilarious, super sexy, beyond fun to read and the Elvis scene alone will make it worth your time :).
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This book is pure perfection. I don't think my review even has a chance to do this book justice.
I'll say it again: It's perfect.
Perfect, because of the colorful and original yet real characters. Perfect, because of the intelligent, humorous and witty writing style. Perfect, because of the right mix of sexy, erotic, sweet, heart-warming and heart-breaking.
Perfect, because it made me laugh those real rare belly laughs and made me cry quite a few tears.
It's official - Emma Chase is a genius. It takes true talent to create characters like Dee and Matthew and make them seem real.

Dee is a young woman full of contradictions - tough as nails yet soft-hearted when it comes to the people she loves. She's her own person, not taking crap from anyone and living her life loud and proud. At the same time she's her own worst enemy. Having been hurt a few times too many, she guards her heart like Fort Knox, not letting anyone in. But that doesn't stop her from enjoying her single life and that's how she ends up in bed with Matthew, Kate's co-worker and Drew's best friend. What she didn't take into account was that one night could turn to a few and a few nights could turn to feeling she isn't ready to handle.

Matthew on the other hand, though also just expecting a good time in bed, has no issues facing the feelings he develops for the colorful girl. Despite his past as a major player - and I don't mean sports - and the fact that he's experienced heart-ache of his own, he is quickly enamored by Dee and is hell-bent on getting through her tough-girl exterior. He can see right through it and knows there is a scared and hurt girl underneath that armor. A girl whose heart and trust he wants to win, no matter how often she pushes him away. In his pursuit, he is sweet, caring, romantic and yet sexy. He shows a huge amount of understanding and patience.

But as they try to figure out where things are going, people from the past as well as some friends' silly actions put everything at risk. And sometime that one push can be the final one that will make everything tumble over the edge. Can Dee and Matthew catch each other before they crash?

It's great to see the growth the characters go through and the mistakes that they make along the way. It makes them irresistibly human.
But it wouldn't be Emma Chase if she didn't tell their story with lots of wit and humor. And although Matthew is more laid-back than Drew, his story telling isn't less sarcastic or comical. It had me laughing so hard I was crying. And I'll be honest here...Drew's place on the throne of hottest book boyfriend ever isn't undisputed. Matt is just that good.

But find out for yourself. You definitely won't regret it.

+ comical, laugh-until-you-hurt stars.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
cameron ross
This book is phenomenal!! Emma Chase has once again lived up to standards that I have grown to expect from her!! I fell in love with Drew in Tangled and now I have fallen in love with Matthew. This man took my breath away, literally at some points!! Before reading this I new I would like it but I was skeptical about what to expect because I didn't think anything would be better than Drew Evans, but I was wrong. Matthew was incredible. The scenes were written beautifully, the characters well developed and the author, well we all know how great she is. This is a must read for everyone.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
tara wood
This was a 3.5 star read for me. It doesn't quite live up to the hilarious male dialogue we were given in Twisted but a quick, fun story none the less. Tamed follows two side characters from book one, the two best friends of Drew and Kate, Dee and Matthew. Matthew is immediately taken by Dee at first sight and just wants to get to know her better. Dee is not interested in anything serious and just wants a good time. And we know what happens when a character says they're not looking for anything serious...sparks fly :) Dee and Matthew's relationship is pretty tame compared to the craziness of Kate and Drew.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Emma Chase has done it again! Tamed was brilliant, sexy, funny, and just all around a good time. This time we get Drew's best friend Matthew's pov and his relationship with the spunky Dee. Matthew was the perfect blend of sweet, sexy, and hilarious. I loved Matthew so so much!!! I think I may now prefer him over Drew.

Nobody writes a man's pov the way Emma does. She nails it right on the head each time! If you're a fan of Tangled, then Tamed is a must read! And if you haven't read Tangled yet, what are you waiting for?
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
No one can write a male POV as well as Emma Chase. No one. This book is just as funny as Tangled. Just as witty, sexy and sweet. Matthew is awesome. He's a total man-whore, just like his best friend, Drew, but Matthew likes the idea of finding the perfect woman and settling down. He finds it in Dee, but has a hard time convincing her that he could be "the one" for her. I love that Matt and Dee's story runs parallel with Drew and Kate's. I find it a bit strange that Tamed was released after Holy Frigging Matrimony, but it doesn't take anything away from this story. Awesome.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
merwyn haskett
I just finished it before my work commute home. Without revealing any spoilers, all I can say is Vegas baby. I want that ending exactly as Emma Chase described it in the book. Too fun! Everything leading up to that ending was flawless - the humor, the sex, the drama and the fantastic resolution.

If you haven't read this series from the beginning, do so now. Reading order: Tangled-1 (Drew's POV), Twisted-2 (Kate's POV & Drew's POV-epilogue). I can't wait for the next one, Tied-4 which returns to Drew's POV and takes places roughly 2 years after the ending of Twisted-3.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
matt shields
Received this book as a gift!!

Emma went and pulled a dick move with this one!! And what I mean by this, is I can't decide which a$$hole I love better or which one I would want to hold prisoner in between my thighs...

Matthew is a lot like Drew but not as stubborn or pigheaded. He is like the nicer of the two evils but he was just as hilarious and his story was just as wonderful. I loved being inside his mind and loved seeing all the nasty stuff he liked to do... I was definitely not disappointed! I was tempted to do the whole one-handed reading thing for a couple of those parts because ~ahem~ it was HOT!! (ok maybe I DID do the whole one-handed read... ;)

While reading Tangled, I knew I was going to love Dee because of how crazy, obnoxious, and hilarious she was in that book and we get a lot of that same behavior from her in Tamed but even better. She's crazy, smart, opinionated but very vulnerable where it matters. She doesn't take crap from anyone but she also had a lot of bad luck in the past when it came to men in her life. She's closed off and Matt just wants to open her up in both the heart and vagina... ok maybe her brain too but let's be real here, Matt is a man and men usually have one track minds...

But he was patient and persistent and it didnt hurt that he was built like a lean boxer with abs for days... My vagina's sweating just picturing him, so if Dee didn't steal him, I would have!!

I really loved how Emma went back to the parts of Tangled that always had me wondering what was going on with Matt and Dee. I only wish I would have refreshed my memory with Tangled before diving into Tamed. People don't need to do this because the books are standalones but if you have poor memory like me, then it won't hurt!

So the inevitable question is what the heck do I rate this book and my answer is simple... This book deserves 5 "hilarious, sexy, and one handed read" Stars!!!
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
zee al alawi
This was a pretty simple contemporary romance. I liked the book and of course it had a good balance of humor which is one of my favorite parts of a Emma Chase read. It was pretty predictable but still made for fun and quirky romance. I didn’t care for the heroine always dressing like a stripper though, even though she was a "rocket scientist" - no idea why that bothered me, but it did. I also don’t think it was anywhere near its $7.99 price tag though.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
pedro javier
This book is a must read for those who enjoyed the previous two books in this series as it shows alternate views of earlier events. It is definitely a switch up to see a leading man be the one so obviously ready to throw away his players card and commit to our lovely heroine. However, Matthew’s testosterone drenched witticisms becomes a little tiresome less than halfway through the book.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
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★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
nick rennis
So continues the saga of the Tangled characters. This story is actually during the same time frame as Tangled and really should have been the second (or even 1.5) book in the series instead of the third. So in reading it, the reader needs to go back the the time Drew and Kate met, which was weird for those of us who already read Holy Friggin Matrimony and Twisted.

Anywho, it's a good read and will definitely endear you to Matthew and Dee and especially little Mackenzie.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
andrew derse
~Reviewed by SUZANNE & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog

If you have read the previous books in this series you may be familiar with Matthew, Drew’s best friend and Dee, Kate’s best friend. In Tamed see Matthew’s POV as he does his best to romance the free-spirited and commitment shy Dee, with both hilarious and touching results.

When I first read Tangled, the first one in this series, I loved the idea of having a romance from the male POV, it was so different not to mention hilarious to see some of the thoughts that were running through the heroes head. In Tamed this pattern is repeated again, only with a slightly different set of characters. I already knew I liked this formula so I wasn’t surprised that I also really enjoyed Tamed.

Matthew seemed like a watered down version of Drew, the first character in the series, he had his moments of intensity, which were hot, but he was more laid back. But, I did love reading a romance from the male POV, I also liked that he wasn’t afraid of commitment and it was Dee that backed off having anything more than a fling. Dee and Matthew together though did have great chemistry, you could feel their mutual attraction and when it exploded Emma Chase wrote some fantastic sex scenes.

This was a good read, it was funny, whilst being sexy with a really nice romance, if you are after something short to spice up your summer reading, than I recommend giving Tamed a try.

*ARC provided by publisher
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sharon a
This is the story of Delores and Matthew, Kate and Drew's best friends. Besides getting more details about Kate and Drew's relationship we follow Dee Dee and Matthew. Both were not looking for serious, just a one night stand. Matthew sets out to win Dee Dee over and takes advise from Drew. Lots of fun banter in this book and lots of heat. Great read.
★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
So in Tamed we get Delores and Matthew's story. If you enjoy reading Drew 's POV in Tangled then you'll enjoy reading Matthew's. I have to admit that this isn't as good as Drew 's story. I zoned out a couple of times. Usually I'll go back and re-read where I zoned out on, but in this case I felt like it wasn't necessary. So what's that saying? I guess I wasn't all that into it. But it was an ok read. Didn't love it or hate it.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
rita bettencourt
Maybe I've finally learned my lesson - I need to quit falling for this type of book. The thin plots are just too predictable, and no normal person would think and behave the way these characters do. The story is merely an excuse to get in some steamy sex scenes. And they were fine; I like romance and it's fun if it gets lusty. I just wanted more realism and more meat to the plot if I'm paying for it.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
skyla collier
There are books you like and those you love. This one I love. The emotions of the characters seemingly transpose into those of the reader and all hearts beat as one. Tamed is a continuation of a beautiful story of friendship and commitment that begins in book one "Tangled". Read this one after you've read the first two. If this is your genre, you're in for a treat.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
andrew wright
Emma has delivered her readers with another Awesome book. This is book 3 of the Tangled Series and just like the other book , this one had me laughing till I cried. Tamed is from Matthew's POV and I loved getting the scoop on his and Dee relationship. After reading this book I don't know who I love more Drew or Matthew. I'm so glad I discovered Emma's books. Can't wait for the next book in this series.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
cuatro nelson
another PERFECT Emma Chase read!! She's not rewriting Shakespeare or solving world hunger... she's writing witty and sweet and HOT books that let you take a break from reality and live in the world of her creation! it's another hilarious look into the mind of a man and the thoughts he thinks about the woman that he falls for and doesn't want to live without... like I said - PERFECT!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Matt and Dee Dee's story. We always knew they were both a little crazy, and this shows how fun and crazy they really are. Emma interweaved their story with Drew and Kate's without retelling the story. All the little words unspoked between the couple, we get to learn about. All their kinkiness, we learn about. It really is a fun read.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Matthew and Dee Dee's story is filled with romance, fun and lots of laugh out loud moments. Emma chase has an awesome and unique writing style that I don't see too often. Tamed is a great addition to the Tangled series and will keep you laughing until the end. Definitely add it to your reading list.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sarah laing
Wasn't as impressed with this one as the previous ones,but I do like the continuation of characters we've previously been introduced to.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
juli crow
I totally love this series and Tamed was just hilarious!!!! I love having the story narrated by Matthew....I laughed and favorite part was him sitting outside Drew's door...priceless! If you haven't read this series, you are so missing out!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This series has turned out to be my favorite of ALL TIME. As much as I loved Alex I think I loved Matthew the lead male in this book even more. These books are all full of humor, great emotional moments, hot love scenes, and characters you care about. I recommend this book but I would read the first two of the series as it helps you understand the references to other characters.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Another funny, witty romance from Emma Chase. I absolutely LOVED Matthew. He's seriously hot and so sweet. If you're looking for a lighthearted escape, this is a good book to read. Nothing too dramatic for the ending, but I still enjoyed it immensely.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Loved this book just as much as the others ,, It's from Matthew's POV which I really liked,
HE and Dee are so perfect for each other, fun funny lol read.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
anna kendig
Omg I loved loved loved this book. I couldn't put it down! It was that great, Emma did such a great job! I would recommend this series to everyone! I hope everyone enjoys it like I did! Did I mention that i loved Tamed!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
melissa mcalpine
4 Stars for Matthew with love xo.
I enjoy all Emma Chase books. I was looking forward to the future and didn't realize I would be living in same time with Matt. But this keeps me looking for the next great book coming out in October 2014. Enjoyed Matt and all the craziness of D. Great read and good fun :)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
patricia thomas
Perfect continuation of this series. Lots of LOL moments in this one. Very enjoyable like the others in this series. Highly recommend this book
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
emily belsey
I absolutely love the writing of Emma Chase! She is bloody brilliant, the comic timing, one liners, and the awesome chemistry between her characters are amazing. You will not be dissapointed!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
angela begley
Tamed was another sexy laugh out load book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Matthew and Dee make a great couple and I hope to see more of them along with Drew and Kate.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
celica jones
This book is the third in the Tangled etc series and while I am currently reading it.....I can tell you it contains humor,angst,love and is another hit for Emma......go buy it already
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Loved this book so much as well as all the books in this series, what a sense of humour Emma has, laughed out loud and caught myself smiling through most of this book
Thank you
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 Click Click Stars.

Loved this book so much. Emma never let's us down with all the characters she brings to our imagination.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
garry martin
Such a fan of Tangled; glad it's now a series! Love the wittiness of the leading character! Still a fan!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Great book
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
scott warheit
Loved this book. Great read an will recommend to everyone. Also loved getting some more time with Drew!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
jo bacon
Loved, Loved the whole series!! Funny and sexy!! Great read!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I loved it!!!! Great writing... Funny, fresh and crazy love...
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